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B"H Dear Rabbi Reuven, I first want to say that you are a breath of fresh air with your lectures. I listen to them and I see so many parallels with what our holy Sages have said apply to real life. Thank you and please continue spreading Hashem's Holy Torah to the masses. You and your entire family should be blessed with nothing but the best of Hashem's Blessings! Second, I have a question. What should be my perspective with regard to shidduchim? I have a full beard, and one shadchanis says that girls today want a trimmed beard. Otherwise, they will not go for it. Many of our gedolim spoke at great lengths about the importance of a Jew having a beard. I feel somewhat dejected. Does appearance really matter in shidduchim? Is this a too shallow of an outlook? Please provide guidance. Also please feel free to share this question in your Stump The Rabbi lectures. Thank you so, so much! Sincerely, Shmuel